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Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Learn from technology industry experts and professionals!  You'll meet and hear from professionals that have expertise in the areas you can work in!  You'll also hear from organizations that are hiring, have free development programs, and young professionals doing what you can do to earn great income!

Virtual Membership

Dedicated Professionals

Dedicated Professionals

Join PowerUP IT Minnesota FREE and gain extra benefits and early notification of internships, college scholarships and more!  Membership also gives you opportunities for future coaching and a chance to connect with industry professionals and companies you may not have a chance to do on your own!

Commitment to Equity

Dedicated Professionals

Commitment to Equity

Our mission is to make these services accessible and equitable to ALL students in Minnesota!

High School Professional Development Resources

Online Professional Development Workshops

ALTITUDE - Interviews with the Professionals

ALTITUDE - Interviews with the Professionals


Join Michael Wilson & the staff of Power UP IT MN as you explore resume writing, online presence, recruiting etiquette, virtual interviewing & more!  

Register at PowerUPITMN.com

ALTITUDE - Interviews with the Professionals

ALTITUDE - Interviews with the Professionals

ALTITUDE - Interviews with the Professionals


Watch interviews with technology, engineering, science, the arts and mathematics professionals share their lifestyle, career & education pathway to success at ALTITUDE.mnstempartners.org

Guest Speakers


Programs & Activities in Technology!


Online Virtual Events & Sessions

Tuesdays - High School SENIORS & JUNIORS join us for the Professional Development Series

Thursdays - ALL High School Students come out and hear from the Experts in Technology and other #STEM / #STEAM  related career fields!

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Watch previously recorded interviews of STEAM Professionals of interest!
Learn about the vast number of technology opportunities, training, and services available to you!
Check out the Minnesota STEM Partnership for information on Robotics, Drones, & Coding programs!

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